Level One Air Filter Service

Consists of removing existing spent filters and replacing with new filters. Disposing of spent filters at the owner’s site or taking them away for remote disposal depending on service contracted. This service is performed on a scheduled (service time based) maintenance basis.

Level Two Air Filter Service

Consists of Level One Service except that filter replacement is based on final pressure drop and system set points. Monthly readings are taken to assure that filter life is optimized considering energy usage. Hardware is inspected at each change with a written report indicating any potential leak paths and corrective recommendations.

Level Three Air Filter Service

Consists of the Level Two Service plus the data collected is entered into web based tracking programs for filter life and total cost of filtration optimization.  

Clean Room Testing and Certification

Testing documentation and certification of Cleanrooms for airborne particles, noise, airflow patterns, air motion, temperature, humidity, and lighting with respect to the latest ISO/IEST standards.

Fume Hood & Bio-Safety Cabinet Certification

Testing hood / cabinet performance for drafts, airflow control, and face velocity control to ensure proper capture, containment and operator safety. Tested to comform to NSF standards.

Health Department Approval

Testing, adjusting and balance of air and hydronic systems to State Department of Public Health requirements for health care facilities.

Duct Leakage Testing

Testing ductwork to determine leakage rates under pressure and velocity to ensure adequate performance against specified design requirements.

HEPA & ULPA Filter Testing

Testing performance to confirm that the HEPA & ULPA filter system is properly installed and verifying the absence of bypass leakage in the installation and that the filters are free of defects and leaks. Tested to current ISO/IEST standards.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Surveys

This survey is reviewed and compared to current purchase specifications to assure compliance. The current filter usage is then compared to multiple alternative filter types meeting the purchase specifications on a comparative Life Cycle Cost and true operating efficiency basis.

Carbon and Other Gas Phase Media Replacement Services

Consist of sampling of chemical media with lab reports indicating life of media available. Also consist of removing media cartridges, disposal of spent media, refilling / replacing disposable cartridges, and installing media cartridges back into housings.

On-Site Testing Lab

Consists of on going sampling, analysis and reporting of filter system operation within and air handler. Trained laboratory technicians place instruments and take reading on a predetermined schedule and provide laboratory reports verifying the actual installed efficiency of your filter systems. Contact your salesperson for information and cost.

Indoor Air Quality Analysis

Complete air analysis or specific contaminant or complaint based analysis will be performed by qualified technicians. All results will be analyzed certified professionals and a concise report issued with remedial recommendation in the report. Contact your salesperson for information and cost.