partner logo Camfil Farr Co., our global air filtration partner, is a manufacturer of medium to high efficiency ASHRAE rated filters for Comfort Air Systems. Their groundbreaking products include the Farr 30/30, the first and still the best pleated filter, the Durafil, ASHRAE rated mini-pleat style filter and the Riga-Flo E, the environmentally friendly rigid style filter. Carbon filters and system hardware. Side Access Housings and Moisture eliminators. Bag In Bag Out Housings for Nuclear - Biological – Chemical Safety & Protection containment systems; Homeland Security application systems; Clean room HEPA filters and Terminal HEPA filters; the Filtra 2000, mini pleated HEPA filter the Pharmaseal Hood room side replaceable for Clean Processes in the Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Healthcare industries.


partner logo Fiberbond Corporation is the foremost producer of synthetic fiber medias and fabricated air filtration products in the U.S. An inovater in the persuit of indoor air quality, Fiberbond pioneered the use of antimicrobials in air filtration as well as the use of self-supporoting polyester media in pleated and pocket-type filters.

partner logo Filtration Group has been solving filtration problems in the U.S. since 1942. Their broad line of HVAC, gas, dust, liquid, paint overspray and high purity filtration products have exceeded customer expectations for over 60 years. FGI’s remarkable line-up includes the FP Mini-Pleat Filter and the GeoPleat.


partner logo RSE, Inc. is a manufacturer of chemical media and associated hardware to remove airborne gases (odors) in the following applications: industrial, commercial, wastewater, museums and archives, libraries and many other HVAC and cleanroom related applications.


partner logo partner logo Research Products Corporation, a leader in the HVAC industry, was the first manufacture quality slit and expanded paper paint overspray arrestors for the spraypaint finishing industry. RP Paint Arrestors are preferred for use in all types of spray booths of all sizes and applications.


partner logo Clean Rooms International Inc. is a Michigan based manufacturer of fan filter units and accessories, modular cleanrooms (both hard wall and soft wall), t-bar grid systems, light fixtures, custom isolation systems, clean benches, air showers, and pass-thru cabinets.


partner logo Fluitek Corperation is a manufacturer of filtration elements for oil, fuel, water, hydrauilc, and air systems.


partner logo Farr APC, a member of the Camfil Farr Group, is the manufacturer of dust collection systems in the U.S. for almost any environment. Their Gold Series collector and patented Gold Cone technology lead the field in performance and user friendly features.


partner logo Envirco Corporation manufactures a complete line of clean air systems for the laboratory, medical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and many other industries requiring ultra clean environments for critical technologies. Envirco - Innovators in Clean Air Technology ™  for over 30 years.


partner logo Midwest Cleanroom and Mod-Tec provide turn-key services that include cleanroom planning, design, construction, field services and modular cleanroom components.


partner logo Nordfab manufacturers laser welded clamp-together duct systems in aluminum and galvanized, and stainless steel stainless steel.


partner logo AirPro Fan & Blower Co. LLC is a manufacturer of premier quality industrial, centrifugal, and high pressure fans and blowers for use in the industrial market.

partner logo Air Enterprises LLC is the single-source solution provider for custom air handling systems. With more than 6,000 installations in a variety of markets, AE follows an integrated approach to the design, engineering, manufacturing and support of air handling systems in the most demanding environments.


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partner logo Pentair Industrial manufactures filter cartridges, filter bags, cartridge housings and bag filter housings (and more) to address a variety of industrial applications.


partner logo Air Impurities Removal Systems, Inc. (A.I.R. Systems, Inc.) has developed the unique Extract-All line of air cleaning systems.